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is a dynamic, LIVE interactive program featuring Dr. Mark Lerner, psychologist, and Bobby Senn, retired New York City firefighter and 9/11 collapse survivor. It embraces elements of theatre and presentation


LERNER & SENN, fosters emotional wellness with diverse audiences through the provision of timely information, guidance, practical strategies, coping "tools," and support. 


The National Center additionally offers Certification in Emotional Wellness (CEW) based on an attendees' knowledge, experience and education. A written examination is provided at the culmination of the program for entities seeking certification for their personnel.



















"Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Lerner and Senn supplied not only food for thought, but sustenance for the soul as you shared information, insights, passion and compassion with the members of our school community. No wonder that the entire audience of hundreds responded to your performance with a rousing standing ovation. Lerner and Senn truly taught their intellect and touched their hearts. You turned those minutes that night into lifetime memories." 



Dr. Carl Bonuso

Superintendent of Schools

Hicksville UFSD

"I am a retired police sergeant with Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and now a pastor at Canyon Ridge Christian Church. Emotional wellness is such an important topic in our society today. We are seeing violent actions taking place in our schools, work places, churches, and places of entertainment. The Las Vegas valley was struck with such a horrible act at the Route 91 concert on Oct 1, 2017. Lerner and Senn came to Las Vegas and spoke with concert attendees, first responders, doctors, nurses, and the casino industry workers who were directly or indirectly affected by this tragedy. Senn shared his story and experience from being an FDNY first responder at the 9-11 tragedy and Lerner shared his experience as a clinical psychologist on practical ways to handle, deal with, survive and thrive after a tragic occurrence. I personally saw how they were able to help individuals who were struggling emotionally and gave them tools on ways to overcome. Thank you to the both of you for helping our valley heal!" 

Pastor Greg Ziel
Chaplain LVMPD
Retired LVMPD Police Sergeant

"I had the good fortune of attending LERNER & SENN, Emotional Wellness at City Hall in Las Vegas. The presenters were Dr. Mark Lerner a clinical and forensic psychologist, and Bobby Senn a retired firefighter from the FDNY and a 9/11 collapse survivor. As a fire department paramedic for 35 years I found the information not only beneficial to the first responder, but applicable to most any trauma one might encounter in their daily lives. When we speak about mental health issues confronting us today, I encourage people to seek this type of education and arm themselves with healthy ways of dealing with a challenging incident. I thank you for the time, energy and caring you have put into this program."



Robert Franck, Captain (Ret.)

Certification Programs in Emotional Wellness

1. The Workplace, Organizations & Communities

"There are many effective actions that organizations can take to promote mental health in the workplace; such actions may also benefit productivity." (WHO)  In the wake of a challenging experience such as a serious illness, a sudden death, an accident, a suicide, a threat of violence, a criminal act, a terrorist attack, a public health crisis, an active shooter, a natural disaster or other tragedy, what will you do to keep people functioning?  


LERNER & SENN, Emotional Wellness is a dynamic interactive program that encourages interpersonal face-to-face communication in a our increasingly digital world. Attendees learn strategies and acquire tools that will foster emotional wellness and restore human/workplace continuity and productivity.*


2. First Responder Agencies & Healthcare Systems


The stabilization of illness or injury and the preservation of life is always the priority. As we have learned, physical trauma can destroy lives. However, we have also learned that a "hidden trauma," traumatic stress, will ultimately destroy many more. Traumatic stress refers to our feelings, thoughts, actions and our physical and spiritual reactions when we are exposed to or even witness events that overwhelm our ability to cope. 


Traumatic events have direct and indirect/hidden, secondary/vicarious victims. Certainly, people who are directly harmed by an overwhelming event may experience traumatic stress. However, we must recognize the impact on many others including, but not limited to, family and friends of victims, healthcare providers and first responders. 

LERNER & SENN, Emotional Wellness is available for healthcare systems and first responder agencies.* By reaching people early, we can ease emotional pain, keep people functioning, and mitigate ongoing suffering.

3. Educational Institutions


ANY event that seriously compromises a school, college or university's functioning is a crisis. LERNER & SENN, Emotional Wellness empowers educational institutions before, during and in the aftermath of a challenging experience.


This program addresses the emotional needs of students, staff and/or the community by providing timely information, guidance, practical strategies and support. It provides a structure and process for effectively managing unique events that impact our educational institutions.* 


By reaching our educational families early, we can reestablish a productive educational process and prevent the acute difficulties of today from becoming the chronic problems of tomorrow.


4. Survivors of Mass Casualty Incidents   


A Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) refers to any event where first responders can be overwhelmed by the severity of the circumstance and the number of people impacted.  


While physical and safety needs are the first priority, we must not overlook emotional needs. Mental health problems, experienced by direct and indirect victims subsequent to an MCI, will disable more people than all physical injuries combined.


LERNER & SENN, Emotional Wellness is presented LIVE, during or in the aftermath of tragedy. The ultimate objective is to foster emotional wellness through the provision of timely information, guidance, practical strategies and support.

* This protocol has been adapted from the same Acute Traumatic Stress Management™ module that Dr. Lerner created and utilized in training United Nations personnel from around the world in New York and Paris, France, for the United Nations Department of Safety & Security, and at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center for the Department of Homeland Security. Dr. Lerner has presented this protocol in hospitals, for the pharmaceutical industry, for law enforcement and emergency response agencies, for airlines, corporations, organizations, and in schools and universities internationally. 



Presented by


Dr. Mark Lerner

is a clinical and forensic psychologist, author, speaker and international traumatic stress consultant. He maintains a clinical practice on Long Island, New York where he specializes in helping people facing a challenging experience. 


As Chairman & CEO of The National Center for Emotional Wellness, Dr, Lerner provides practical information, training, and support for organizations and corporations around the world. He is the creator of Acute Traumatic Stress Management™ and has authored several books based on this intervention model including Comprehensive Acute Traumatic Stress Management, A Practical Guide for School Crisis Response and A Practical Guide for University Crisis Response. Other publications include It's OK Not to Be OK During a Crisis, Surviving & Thriving, Living Through a Traumatic Experience, and CrisisNotes.  


For over thirty years, Dr. Lerner has been called upon to consult with and train numerous organizations from small and large corporations to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Department of Homeland security and the United Nations—where he served as an Expert Consultant in New York City and Paris, France. Dr. Lerner cherishes his life with his wife Maria, and his three adult children.

Bobby Senn, FDNY, Ret.

Is a retired veteran New York City firefighter who currently lives on Long Island, New York with his wife Christine. Bobby first joined the fire service over thirty years ago where he continues to volunteer as a Training Officer. In 1991, he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree concentrating in Communications and English from the New York Institute of Technology. In January 1994, Bobby achieved a lifelong dream when he joined the FDNY and worked in the borough of Brooklyn for thirteen years.  


Subsequent to surviving the horrific attack on our nation at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, Bobby has travelled the country speaking to healthcare providers and first responders about the emotional impact of his experience. Bobby continues to work with people from all walks of life, helping them navigate their way through their difficult days.


Bobby enjoys golf, music, a good practical joke and most of all spending time with those in his life that have helped him get through that horrible day and the months that followed. 

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LERNER & SENN, Emotional Wellness

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LERNER & SENN, Emotional Wellness is intended solely for informational and educational purposes, and not as medical or psychological services. If you have questions or concerns regarding your health, please consult with your healthcare provider.


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