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AI-Integrated Emotional Wellness in Corporations

An Emotional Wellness Initiative for Organizations

by Mark D. Lerner, Ph.D.

Chairman, The National Center for Emotional Wellness

Corporations understand the importance of investing in wellness: preventing illness, keeping people healthy, and improving the quality of life. Doing so facilitates a healthy, creative, and productive workforce.

However, corporations often overlook an important component of wellness—our emotional well-being: An awareness, understanding, and acceptance of our feelings, as well as the ability to manage effectively through challenges and change.

As the world becomes increasingly digital—including text messaging, email, mobile apps, and video conferencing, mental health problems are increasing rapidly. The shift from authentic in-person, face-to-face communication is coinciding with increased stress and anxiety—precipitating burnout and a rise in mental health problems. Anxiety has become the most common mental illness in the United States, and depression is now the leading cause of illness and disability worldwide.

AI-Integrated Emotional Wellness (AIEW) presents a solution. AIEW refers to the broad interface between artificial intelligence's cognitive abilities and the complexity of human emotions. Acknowledging the irreplaceable importance of authentic, in-person communication, AIEW focuses on how artificial intelligence can foster emotional well-being.

More than a decade ago, I launched an Emotional Wellness Initiative for Walgreens corporate. Does the slogan “At the Corner of Happy & Healthy” ring a bell? As part of the initiative, I presented a program called The Power to Overcome! to Walgreens’ specialty pharmacy teams nationwide. It was a privilege because, at the time, it was not common for esteemed corporations to acknowledge the importance of emotional wellness.

Today, an AIEW Initiative provides the same benefits and additionally explores how artificial intelligence can foster emotional wellness in corporations. In previous posts, I introduced innovative AIEW strategies to foster emotional well-being.

The World Health Organization has called for new measures to tackle mental health issues at work. From C-suite executives to employees, small interactive groups to large engaging presentations, a corporate AIEW initiative makes sense.

As a principal consultant in AIEW, it would be my privilege to explore how The National Center can meet the emotional needs of your organization.


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