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Unlocking Emotional Wellness: Identifying Your Mission and Purpose

by Mark D. Lerner, Ph.D.

Chairman, The National Center for Emotional Wellness

Have you ever wondered why some people exude happiness and contentment while others appear sad and unfulfilled?


The key may lie in a powerful force that profoundly impacts your emotional wellness—identifying your mission and cultivating a sense of purpose. By identifying and embracing what truly ignites your passion, you can unlock newfound clarity, motivation, and fulfillment in life.


Research has demonstrated that working towards meaningful goals can increase self-worth and overall life satisfaction (Baumeister and Vohs, 2002). Finding a mission that aligns with your values, passions, and beliefs becomes a guiding force that gives your life direction and meaning. Furthermore, having a strong sense of purpose has been found to serve as a safeguard against stress, depression, and anxiety (Hurst, 2019).


Positive and negative events can influence our mission and sense of purpose (Steger et al., 2009). Positive experiences, such as receiving recognition or offering support to others, can strengthen an existing mission, while negative events may prompt us to reassess our purpose. Regardless of the nature of these experiences, they provide valuable opportunities for personal development.


Identifying and embracing your mission and purpose is a powerful key to unlocking emotional wellness. It provides direction and fulfillment, ultimately enhancing your overall well-being. Remember that your mission is not fixed but a journey shaped by your experiences. It's important to be open to reassessing and realigning your sense of purpose as you navigate the different chapters of your life.


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